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Anthony Hackett - Hope Lives

By: Jerry
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There are endless mountains of movies and television shows available throw television, movie theaters, and streaming.  It's hard to know what's worth streaming.  Recently I got the chance to see a sneak preview of a new movie that was shot all in Maryland.   It's called "Hope Lives" and it's the story of six high school students who are bullied and their struggle back to hope.   

It's a well-done movie that was filmed entirely in the state of Maryland.  It manages to address tough issues without being cheesy.

I had the chance to catch up with the writer, director, and star of the movie, Anthony Hackett.  Check out my interview in the video above.

If you'd like the watch the movie, it's available on Amazon Prime starting today (Friday, April 15th).  You can also find it at hopelivesthemovie.com