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Morning show weekend picks

By: Spencer
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Jerry -There are a lot of outdoor movies to choose from around the DMV.  Check out the DC movie guide here for a listing of everything playing in the District, Maryland, and Virginia.  My pick for this weekend though is the movie on the beach in North Beach, Maryland.  On Saturday they'll be playing "Bumblebee".  You just bring the beach blanket or lawn chair and you can watch the movie on the inflatable screen. Click Here for more info.

Blanca - La Plata!!!  Here we come.  Bring your family to enjoy some free ice cream and play games while listening to music and making new friends!  We’d love to meet you and your family, hope you can join us!  Click here for more info.

Spencer - My pick is for Father's Day. At 1:35 Sunday afternoon the Nationals play the Arizona Diamondbacks. I remember my dad taking me to baseball games when I was a kid. Memories that I carry to this day. For more information click here.