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Morning Show Weekend Picks

By: Claude

Jerry's Pick

The weather is nice, perfect to get outdoors and watch a movie.  Usually you have to wait until the summer to catch outdoor movies.  But this year the Navy Memorial is doing a movie series every Thursday at the Memorial.  If you didn't catch last night's showing of Top Gun: Maverik, that's okay.  The movie coming up this week is "Men of Honor."  Some other movies will include "Crimson Tide" and the Original "Top Gun."  Movies start at dusk and there are food trucks there where you can purchase your dinner.  Get all the details here.


Summer's Pick

I have a chronic disorder known as FOMO (fear of missing out), so when I found out that there was a holiday ONLY celebrated in DC you better believe I jumped at it. This weekend DC will be celebrating Emancipation Day! So much going on. The parade kicks off Saturday at 2pm down Pennsylvania Ave; 3pm the concert begins; fireworks firing off at 8:30. Even more happening on Sunday. Find all the details and RSVP at DC Emancipation Day 2023