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Morning Show Weekend Picks

By: Claude

Claude's Pick

This is the final weekend to catch "A Soldiers' Play" at the Kennedy Center. I took my wife to see this for her birthday and it was amazing! You will need a babysitter as it's not appropriate for little eyes and ears (if you have any in the house) but the cast is phenomenal, the story itself has won multiple awards. I think you'll enjoy it! Click here for more information.


Jerry's Pick

The most successful crowd-funded show of all time is back for Season 3.  The Chosen is a dramatic series about the life of Jesus and it’s receiving critical acclaim.  It’s been translated and captioned into dozens of other languages.  This Sunday at 7:00 p.m. they’re premiering the fifth episode of the season.  Director Dallas Jenkins comes on and shares some secrets from behind the scenes and then you get to see the episode before everyone else.  You can check it out on Youtube, The Chosen App or at thechosen.TV.