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Morning Show Weekend Picks

By: Claude

Claude's Pick

I've been trying to become a better cook from grill the to the kitchen for the past two years and one of the things I've jumped into is this whole charcuterie craze! If I can squeeze this class into my weekend I will and you should too if you can! The Canopy at the Hilton North Bethesda is hosting it and will take your charcuterie game to a new level! Learn more here.

Jerry's Pick

Capitol Hill Dessert Tour: Head to the Eastern Market area of DC anytime in the next week for the Capitol Hill Dessert Tour.  Their website says, “Decadent cakes, pies, specialties, and crazy shakes. Are you ready to enjoy the best sweet treats and hear the stories behind them.”  Well, I don’t need the stories, but I definitely need the desserts.  Your purchase a ticket for $29.00 and you get to try desserts from 19 different restaurants.   Get your tickets at this link.