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NightLight with Suzanne

After 10 years, NightLight host Brandi Lanai is stepping aside to spend more time with her family. Brandi will continue working weekend afternoons and filling in for others. Suzanne Lynn joins the WGTS family to encourage you weeknights from 7 to midnight. Suzanne is new to the DC area and cannot wait to discover the city and connect with you. Get to know Suzanne as she gets to know the DC area. And join her weeknights from 7-midnight!
  • Fav Bible Verse: It's rather uncommon to have this as a favorite verse, but at a time I was on my knees searching for God, this is what He gave me: The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:7 NIV
  • Hobbies: I can't cook, sew or knit. I do however, LOVE learning about new cultures and have already started diving in on cultural meet up events in the DMV!!!
  • Fav Artist: This changes from time to time, but my soul has been soaking up Danny Gokey lately.
  • Bucket List: Absolutely 100% trip to France. I've started taking French lessons this year to prepare.:)
  • Useless Talent: I can tell which Brady Bunch episode it is before the first person speaks. Oh wait, you said useless, never mind. ;) 
  • Most looking forward to at WGTS: Oh my goodness, I'm so excited about connecting with the evening community. It's a time when people are really hurting and we can make heart connections and encourage them. I can hardly wait to start!
  • Dumbest thing I've asked since I moved here: Do I live in the beltway?
  • Most Nervous About: Learning how to ride the Metro!

Listen to Brandi introduce you to Suzanne below!

Brandi Suzanne full mix