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Natalie Grant shares her miraculous story of healing

By: Becky
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When Natalie Grant was told she'd have to have risky surgery to remove tumors found on her Thyroid, she went straight to God, and wasn't shy about asking her fans to pray as well. Natalie Grant has a huge social media following, and her fans were some of the first to find out about the scary diagnosis. She didn't mince words when she poured out her heart publicly, and was quick to reassure anyone who was worried that God was in control. 

Truly He was in control too. Surgery was a success - the cancer was removed, there was no damage to her vocal chords, and the recovery was quicker than doctors could have imagined. She shared the whole story recently on Middays with Becky. 

You'll have a chance to hear more from her at the Dare To Be women's event on January 26th at Hylton Memorial Chapel as well. Come and join us! 

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