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Health Minute: Children's Mental Health

By: Claude

Children’s Mental Health: How to prepare your child’s mental health for back-to-school With Diane King-Shaw, Clinical Director of the Lourie Center School, part of Adventist HealthCare’s The Lourie Center for Children’s Social & Emotional Wellness.

What are some signs that a child could need mental health support? What should parents look out for?

Symptoms can vary and every child may experience something different; however, some behaviors may indicate a bigger problem:

· Behavioral problems

· Hyperactivity beyond normal behavior

· Trouble sleeping

· Aggression or outbursts

· Loss of appetite

· Loss of interest in spending time with friends or activities

What are some tips for parents to support their child’s mental health?

· Encourage open communications

· Incorporate positive encouragement

· Make sure to stay involved in what children are doing

· Maintain an optimistic tone and positive attitude to show your child everything will be ok

Supporting your child while they may be experiencing mental health challenges is more important than ever now. Know that children go through many changes during development that can affect their emotions and behaviors, and it is normal to see these changes. If your child’s behavior or mental health takes a severe toll on their quality of life, consider reaching out to your child’s doctor for professional help.

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