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Back To School: Courage for students

By: Becky
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We're heading into a new school year, which can cause a great deal of anxiety. Stacey Stone from 'Afternoons with Johnny & Stacey' is a licensed professional counselor. She shares some strategies to help both students and parents navigate and make sense of such an unusual time. Stacey has a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling and is an LGPC in the state of MD with a private practice. 

You can listen to the whole interview below as she addresses these questions:  

  • What is different about this return to school than in the past? 
  • What are kids experiencing and how can parents help them?  
  • What should a parent look for in their children's behavior? 
  • What has not changed about what kids face at school? 

Stacey shares 7 steps parents can take to help kids ease into an unusual school year:  

  1. Take incremental steps. Baby steps. Don’t force a big decision. Take little steps to get to that point.    

  1. Talk about it! Don’t wait until the night before to discuss the ins and outs. Take the time to work out scenarios and formulate questions.  

  1. Tread delicately with child who might be having a hard time. Now more than ever, your patience is needed and appreciated.    

  1. Plan for extra time at drop off. Separation anxiety is a normal part of childhood.  

  1. Start getting into a routine, chores and checklists. This can include something as simple as making a grocery list and including your children in the process or a checklist for chores so that children get into the practice of keeping track of what is expected of them.  

  1. Practice Family Planning Meetings! Practice sharing the plans with the family much like a teacher would. It helps get that part of our kid's brains going again in that area.  

  1. Practice lots of grace! For the kids, and for you too Mom and Dad!  


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