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Courage for back to school 2021

By: Becky
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All the 'unknowns' that come with a new school year can cause anxiety for parents and students alike - especially as this year has unique challenges we may never have imagined!

I've got a Junior in HS and we sent our oldest to college for the first time - to another state - in the midst of a pandemic. I've been finding myself in need of a good dose of courage. So I asked Stacey Stone of 'Afternoons with Johnny & Stacey' to put on her counselor hat for a bit to help talk us through this. Stacey has a Masters Degree in Professional Counseling and is an LGPC in the state of MD with a private practice. 

She shares some tips on how to help our kids succeed even while distance learning, how a Pomodoro Timer can help motivate your child to get started on that project, techniques for managing normal anxiety, and a special Bonus at the end detailing some of the Red Flags parents can be on the lookout for in regards to our children's mental health.  
I know this mom is breathing a lot easier already. I hope this will encourage you and your family too! Check out the whole interview and the Bonus segment below.  
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