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Michael W. Smith a.k.a. "Mr. Christmas"

By: Becky
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Michael W. Smith seems to have a knack for celebrating Christmas. He's been bringing us sounds of the season for decades now, and he's not slowing down anytime soon. He's coming to town for the 2017 Christmas Tour with Amy Grant and Jordan Smith to the Eaglebank Arena in Fairfax on December 16th.

He's so excited about the show in fact, he says, "I started looking forward to this year's tour after the final encore of last year's tour!" He says performing with Amy and Jordan - in front of a full Symphony Orchestra - "...is about as good as it gets for me!"

The hope is to enhance people's experience of the Christmas season by providing them a night of exquisite music and a message of hope. I got to catch up with Michael about how his family is doing (all 14 of his grandchildren), where he finds hope in the midst of some of the tragic events our nation has seen over the past year, and what Christmas is like in the smith household - it sounds pretty wild! You can listen along here.

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