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Advice for college students heading back to school

By: Blanca
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What can a parent do to successfully launch their child into college? Timothy Nelson, Dean of Men at WAU says, “breath and pray!”

With 25 years of experience, Timothy has been involved in the lives of students offering support and encouragement. Many of his students lovingly refer to Tim and his wife as the “mom and dad” of the university. Timothy sits down with Blanca on the morning to share words of encouragement to first year college students as well as parents.

You’ll hear advice on the best ways to be supportive, how to help build confidence, and learn how you can help tackle some of the challenges first time college students may face while away at school.

I’m not there yet but if sending my last one to kindergarten feels difficult I can’t imagine what parents of college-age kids feel like. I’m standing beside you though! I pray your little one (of any school age) has a successful school year and so do you! -Blanca Vega 


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