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Dear Younger Me (Blanca)

By: Blanca
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With graduation season before us, congratulations to the class of 2018! It’s difficult to believe how many years it’s been since we graduated college or high school for that matter. I’m Class of ’99 Eastern Senior High School in NE, DC and Class of 2004 now known as Washington Adventist University in Takoma Park.

So much has changed.  I have definitely changed. Getting married and having three kids teaches you a lot about the true meaning of love, grace, and forgiveness. I want to believe I am stronger now, wiser, and perhaps more generous… but I think that’s an ongoing process. No one ever stops learning!

God has a purpose in your life and it’s nice when you look back just to see how all the pieces connect and how God has always been in the middle of it even when you didn’t think he was. 

In hopes of being a “better you” now that we're older, what would you tell your younger self?  Someone asked me that question –in fact I wrote a few words down and shared it on the radio (naturally).  It’s not perfect but it’s from the heart!

(It might be a good idea to also get the young girls in your family around to listen)


Here’s to being so vulnerable that it’s hard to breathe and talk at the same time!  ;)