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Health Minute: Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

By: Claude

Tis the season! During the holidays we often gather with friends and family to enjoy delicious food and great company, but sometimes we may feel tempted to choose foods that aren’t as healthy for us. Robin Gould, a Registered Dietitian with CoreLife Adventist HealthCare shares some tips to keep us on track and make healthy food choices during the holidays.


What are some ways we can make healthy food choices?

It’s important to enjoy the special foods you like most during the holiday season, but it’s good to have a healthy balance. Food is fuel for our bodies and each meal is an opportunity to support your wellness. These tips will help you strive for balance while spending time with your loved ones.

  • Don’t make large portions. Reduce the ingredients to reduce the leftover temptation.
  • Eat a balanced plate. Make your plate colorful. It should include lean protein, carbohydrates and more fruits or vegetables to receive all the health benefits.
  • Rethink your drink.  Holiday drinks, such as apple cider or hot chocolate, contain high amounts of sugar. Consider replacing them with herbal teas or flavored water to stay hydrated.
  • Keep up your exercise routine. Squeeze in a couple of jumping jacks, squats or wall pushups, or go for a brisk walk outdoors with family after your meal.
  • Enjoy yourself in moderation. The holidays only come once a year. If you indulge a little more than you anticipated on your favorite treats, that’s okay! One meal won’t make or break your health goals.


How can we stay safe when gathering for the holidays?

Being fully vaccinated is the best way to minimize your risk of COVID-19 during the holidays, as well as the those who are high risk and those who are not eligible yet. Wearing a mask and social distancing are still great strategies when gathering indoors. It’s also best to try to avoid crowds or poorly ventilated spaces.

If you have symptoms or are sick, do not host or attend any gatherings. If you or a loved one is concerned about exposure to COVID-19, take Adventist HealthCare’s online self-assessment for more information.

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