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Hometown Heroes: Rev. Marc Lavarin and the Alfred Street Baptist Church

By: Spencer
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On January 31st, thirty-four Howard students were blessed with a letter from the financial aid office.  The letter detailed a surprise donation to erase their tuition balances, ranging from $100 to over $3000. Howard University president Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick accepted a check totaling $100,000 from our “Hometown Heroes” of the Alfred Street Baptist Church, all of which was raised during a 30-day fast.

Hometown Heroes - Alfred Street Baptist Church

The Rev. Marc Lavarin, the congregation’s Hometown Hero representative, came up with the idea of donating to Howard during prayer. Listen below to hear about our Hometown Heroes, represented by the Rev. Marc Lavarin. And check out this video that captures the moment some of these students were told about their student loans being paid off, and see their reactions:

You can nominate someone to be one of our Hometown Heroes here


Reverend Mark Lavarin Alfred Street Baptist Church