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Sheriff Chris Swanson

By: Claude

Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson is the chief law enforcement officer in a tiny corner of Michigan near the city of Flint.  Flint is an area that has dealt with so much the last few years, including the lead water crisis. 

On May 30th, protestors seeking racial justice started marching towards the police station. Officers were called up in riot gear and Sheriff Swanson was one of them. In the middle of all that tension, Sheriff Swanson, took off his helmet and put down his baton and told the crowd that the police love them and asked them what they need. They replied "Walk with us!" So he did. 

Those moments were caught on video and they showed our country what true reconciliation looks like. Sheriff Swanson shares what was going through his head on that evening in May and the good things that have happened in his town since that day. This podcast is for anyone who has been feeling down about race in America. It's a powerful story that's bringing us hope of what can happen when people think and lead differently.

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