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Teen Depression with Laura Krause

By: Claude

There's not doubt that the pandemic has been tough on all of us, not just those who have gotten sick.  We've all had to deal with our lives being upended and our routines changed.  It's been just as hard on children as it has been on adults.  Right now children and teens are struggling more than ever, and some of them are asking for help on social media, but they're using codes to do it.  Licensed clinical social worker Laura Krause talked with Jerry and Blanca about the warning signs that your child or teen might be struggling with depression and what to do about it. Below is a list of resources that Laura mentioned on the air and you can also listen to her complete interview with Jerry and Blanca. 

This article deals with the nicknames that teens are using to talk about different things they're struggling with: https://cbs12.com/amp/news/local/secret-hashtags-and-code-names-teens-use- to-talk-about-suicide The article below is a resource list on where to get help for different mental health issues: https://www.scarymommy.com/scary-mommy-resource-help-list/ This is a list of things that kids say that could be a cry for help: https://www.scarymommy.com/15-phrases-kids-said-that-were-code-for-i-need- help/?amp Here is information on the groups that may be at higher risk for suicide: https://save.org/about-suicide/suicide-facts/

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