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Coping with the Las Vegas tragedy

By: Jerry
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From the moment we all woke up this morning we were hit with very sad news.  In Las Vegas over 50 people lost their lives and over 400 were injured when a lone gunmen attacked people who were attending a country concert.  I found myself just wanting to look away.  With tragedy hitting on what seems like a daily basis, sometimes it seems like it would be easier to just turn it off and pretend that it didn't happen.  It's always easier to pass something off as that happened "to someone else", until it happens to you or someone you love.

As believers in Jesus Christ how do we deal with the constant pain in the world?  Author, speaker and psychologist Dwight Bain says that Jesus changed his life when he was in a dark place.  He talks about the things that we can learn from tragedy including strengthening our faith, avoiding becoming jaded and sharing appropriately with your kids.  Listen to the podcast below for his thoughts and he talks with Jerry and Blanca.   While not explicit, this podcast does cover some sensitive material that might require some explanation with young children.


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