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Hometown Heroes: Ronal Velasquez and Sybil Currie-Boyd

By: Spencer
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Teachers always say you learn a lot when you pay attention in class. It's no different in Sybil Currie-Boyd class. Ronal Velasquez, a student at GW Middle School in Alexandria, VA, can definitely attest to that!

When Ronal’s mom was about to throw water on a grease fire in their kitchen, he stopped her and retrieved a fire extinguisher from the hallway in the apartment building where they live. Ronal remembered learning in his class how to use a fire extinguisher, and put those recently learned skills into action. Thanks to Ronal’s quick thinking, bravery, and paying attention to his teacher, he saved his apartment, and very possibly other apartments, from being set ablaze.

Listen below to hear about our Hometown Heroes, seventh grader, Ronal Velasquez and his teacher Sybil Currie-Boyd.



Hometown Hero Ronal Velasquez %26 Mrs Boyd