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Words of Hope #27 - Football

For the past 18 years, Producer Spencer has been passing down important life lessons to kids that he coaches. Spencer shares these Words of Hope for you in this inspirational video to learn to trust God...He is FOR you!


Words of Hope #26 - Running

Faith is a lot like requires much endurance for the difficulties that come our way. Rob Conway shares how God helps you train in order to build your faith.


Words of Hope #25 - Golf

Have you ever felt like you were supposed to meet everyone's expectations? Claude explains that life is a lot like the game of golf, where we're always trying to make "par." But he offers reassurance that God determines what "par" is.


Words of Hope #24 - Theatre

"Loneliness can have a way of sneaking up on you...there's an emptiness, much like when you walk into an empty theatre alone." Johnny and Stacey Stone share these Words of Hope to remind you that God is right there with you.


Words of Hope #23 - Markers

Jerry Woods remembers a time when he was lost, and what helped him get back on track, and how to find the markers for your life to keep you on the right path.