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The ones on the outside

By: Tom
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The little fingers curling around the fence wrapped around my heart at that moment. Johnny and I were visiting a Compassion program in the Santa Marta region of Colombia and they wanted us to have the experience of cooking for the children. We walked into their tiny kitchen and got busy. There was chopping to do, soup to stir and rice to distribute. I was assigned the making of rice mounds on each of their little bowls when I glanced up at the window to see the view. Four tiny eyes stared back at me.


I smiled back at them and they just stared at the American piling rice in bowls in front of them. They were the ones that were not yet included in the Compassion program because they had no sponsors but knew that they were missing out. You may have felt at one point in your life that you were left out or the only one who was not included. Maybe it was a birthday party or just a movie that your friends went to watch without you then posted on Facebook. Remember that feeling as you picture the little fingers grasping the fence between them and the Compassion International children

When I finished my task and went to sit at the table with the children in the program, they were smiling and laughing as they ate their warm meal provided each day. The program had provided them with medical checkups, nutritious food, but most importantly they learned about Jesus Christ and what He has done for them. The difference is stark but the hope is there when you choose to sponsor a child through Compassion International. You can go to www.wgts919.com right now and bring a child into the project that will make their longing go away and their future much brighter.