More Ways To Stay Encouraged

These are unprecedented times. And in the midst of the global shutdown, it’s easy to let the day-to-day discourage and overwhelm you. It's why we've created these short videos that offer "More Ways To Stay Encouraged" featuring your WGTS 91.9 friends, Jerry, Claude, Spencer, Becky, Johnny, and Stacey. 

Each host shares why they have hope and how they deal with fear and anxiety with some fun and meaningful anecdotes. Gather the family around to watch these and share them with others who may need to hear the messages.

In addition, we are providing a beautiful PDF download from Stacey Stone that will give you practical keys to maintaining sanity in your home – and even growing closer with your family – during these difficult days. You can request your free download just by signing up here.

We pray these will help keep you encouraged. And remember that Hope Never Gets Cancelled.

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