The Story Project - Michelle

At just 12 years of age, doctors found a lump in Michelle's leg and was determined to be a rare form of incurable cancer. But following the Dare To Be event for women with Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill, a real miracle happened.


The Story Project - Joe

Following his wife's death, Joe was looking for a way to move forward. He shares how God led him to to WGTS and become an important part of this family.


The Story Project - Mark

Some of our most incredible blessings come out of the most difficult circumstances. Mark is a living example of this and shares what gave him hope.


The Story Project - Sophia

When she was in 4th grade, Sophia was bullied to the point where she endured a severe concussion. But she always looked forward to coming home where she knew she could find comfort because of what she heard on the radio.


The Story Project - Scott

For 40 years, Scott says he tried everything, except God, to try to get rid of the despair and hopelessness he felt, and none of it worked. Scott shares what the turning point was that convinced him to give God a shot again.


Words of Hope #15 - Glassblowing

Some of the most significant moments that shape us come from a place of pain. It's a lot like the way glass is shaped.


Melanie Stevenson “Soul Focus: Trials - Daily Encouragements For Overcoming Life’s Struggles”

By: Claude

Kevin Krueger spoke with Melanie Stevenson about her new devotional “Soul Focus: Trials - Daily Encouragements For Overcoming Life’s Struggles”.


Seven ways to stay encouraged - Johnny's video

By: Stacey
Stacey's picture

When you have nowhere else to turn, and even when you do, God is a great choice to rely on. Johnny from Johnny and Stacey Stone in the Afternoon talks teeth, pain, surrender and relying on the One who made us.


Seven ways to stay encouraged - Blanca's video

By: Blanca
Blanca's picture

What do you do when you disagree with someone? Blanca from Jerry and Blanca in the Morning has a really great idea.


Seven ways to stay encouraged - Spencer's video

By: Spencer
Spencer's picture

When your world becomes too much, who do you turn to? Producer Spencer from Jerry and Blanca in the Morning received a surprising message that helped him know where to go.