Creation Festival 22!

- 10pm


Creation Festival 2022 is coming…

June 29 thru July second 

At Agape Farms in Shirleysburg PA 

Featuring Zach Williams, We The Kingdom, Bethel Music, Newsboys, Dante Bowe, and many more.  

Creation Festival is a tribute to our creator.  

More information on tickets for the day or whole event is available at


Cabin Fever Bingo!

The perfect solution if your kids are already going stir crazy!


WGTS DJs did their best to pronounce these DMV cities!

The WGTS DJs think they know how to pronounce these DMV cities. How do you think you would do?


1-Minute Devotional: Remember

There are moments in our lives when we recognize that God was very much at work. Steven Curtis Chapman shares that we should look for those moments when we can tell the story to others of what God has done so they can also remember.


WGTS announces ownership transition

While everything remains the same on the air, in the background, a transition is taking place.


1-Minute Devotional: Good News

When you have something really good to share, you can't help but feel excited and want to share that good news with everyone. Chris from Rend Collective shares this devotional thought about the best news ever.


1-Minute Devotional: Teddy Bear

By: Rob
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Moods are contagious. Can you imagine the difference you could make just by making someone smile? Chaplain Kumar asks if there someone in your life you can bring joy to each day this week.


God be like...

By: Rob
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WGTS Sticker Stop in Frederick!

- 9am


It's a WGTS 91.9 special 'Pop Up' sticker stop this Monday at the Frederick Adventist Church in Frederick Maryland. If you live or work in the area, you can stop by to get a WGTS bumper sticker or have one of our team members pray for you. Plus you will have an opportunity to win 4 seats to the Matthew West 'Live at the StoryHouse' Tour on Saturday, November 5th!



Blanca's Goodbye

WGTS 91.9 morning show co-host Blanca Vega shares a special announcement.