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Bart Millard's son Sam Wesley featured on new song

By: Rob
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If you've heard MercyMe's latest song "On Our Way" there's a special guest that sounds an awful lot like lead singer Bart Millard...albeit, maybe a bit of his younger self. And there's good reason for that because it's actually Bart's 19 year-old son Sam Wesley!

But we're getting ahead of ourselves...how did this whole thing come together? Is Bart just being a "proud dad?" :-)

The truth is, Sam actually co-wrote this song with a friend of his, and when Bart heard it, he was instantly drawn to it's message and melody. Here's what Bart said about this moment:

"I had this weird conversation with him. I said, 'Daddy likes your song, and now daddy wants your song.'"

Initially, Bart was going to record the entire song himself, but when the producers heard Sam's voice, they said he needed to be treated like a real artist and convinced Bart to put him on the track.

Bart says, "As a proud dad I'm always careful not to push that on anybody, but I was so excited on the inside. And it sort of solved the problem with daddy taking your song."

Be listening for the song on WGTS 91.9 and when MercyMe comes to town on March 12 to EagleBank Arena.