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A "Different" approach

By: Rob
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Micah Tyler has been one of the most widely-acclaimed new artists in Christian music over the past year. From his break-out hit "Never Been A Moment" to his YouTube parody of "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da" about Millennials that has garnered over 4.5 million views, he continues to write songs that connect to our every day struggles.

Life happens

That's because, even in the midst of accolades, life still happens. As he shares in the opening of this video, his family has endured a number of difficulties. A few months ago, they learned his grandmother has blood cancer. Then came Hurricane Harvey, which caused severe flooding to their home in Southeast Texas. And most recently, it was discovered his younger brother, Daniel, has stage-4 colon cancer.


As many of us do when these life-altering circumstances arise, Micah said he prayed to God to just change these things. Can you stop the cancer? Can you stop the storms? But sometimes He chooses not to stop these things just yet.

What he's learned, is that the best question isn't "Jesus can you change these things around me?" but instead, "God can you change me so I can handle these things that you're walking me through?"

That's what is at the heart of his latest song, "Different." Our prayer is that in some way, this song helps you find that path to understanding with whatever circumstance you're facing right now in your life.