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God's Not Done With You - new video!

By: Rob
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Coming off a massive hit in "Known," Tauren Wells returns with a touching new song off his album "Hills & Valleys" that he says he wrote to inspire people to believe in themselves as much as God believes in them. Tauren says that, "too often we give up on 'us' long before God would ever give up on us."

There may be circumstances in your life that you're facing that you feel are too big to conquer, and you feel like that's it. It could be that voice of condemnation for a past failure that you believe defines you. But I love Tauren's perspective. He says that "where condemnation tries to put a period at the end of a failure or circumstance, I've learned that Grace puts a comma...that the story is never over because the pen is in the hand of the Author and Finisher of our faith."

It's a wonderful promise that God is not done writing your story.