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Ryan Ellis - "Heart of the Father" LIVE

Ryan Ellis is a worship leader from California who has a heart for youth. After serving 5 years in the Navy after high school, Ellis reconnected with Jesus, realizing that his voice and songwriting were his connection to faith.

He was soon introduced to Isla Vista Worship and their mission work with Jesus Burgers, a ministry in cities and college campuses across America that connects young people to God through a simple hamburger.

His brand new song "Heart of the Father" asks how a kind father would react to those who are still young and finding their paths. It's the exploration of patience and grace for those who are still coming into their own.

"This song is such a great reference point of what I believe we're called to do as people of Christ," says Ellis. "We're meant to just meet people where they're at, not change them. It's having grace, patience, kindness, mercy, and the ability to see and love people for who they are and help guide them along.

"Romans 2:4 says it's His kindness that leads us to repentance. That's 'Heart of the Father' - a song about His goodness."

Ryan stopped by our studios recently to record this exclusive live version.