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A deluge of relief!

It's amazing what can happen when we work together! And on Monday, September 17, hundreds of WGTS 91.9 listeners stepped up to take care of those suffering from the effects of Hurricane Florence in North and South Carolina. In the parking lot of King's Park Shopping Center in Springfield, we invited our listening family to bring by cases of water to fill up our semi truck, courtesy of Reinhart FoodService. By 3pm, we ended up with so much, a second truck was needed! We are so grateful to everyone who dropped off water, as well as those who were praying. Here's a quick recap:

By the time it was done, both trucks were completely full with 35 pallets, which amounts to 96,000 pounds of water, or 11,500 gallons! Along with the rain, there truly was an "outpouring" of support.

cases of water

We were honored to team up with our good friends at His Radio in Greenville, South Carolina, who helped us coordinate with Harvest Hope Food Bank who took the delivery of the water. They will begin delivering it immediately to the people who need it the most in both North and South Carolina.

hold on carolina - sign

We were also very grateful for the shout-out from our local CBS affiliate, WUSA-9 that came out and did a piece about what was happening.

As always--you are amazing! It's humbling to know we can count on you to come through to encourage others in our community, and around the world.