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I've got a "Mom Crush"

By: Rob
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Do you feel like you’re just an “okay mom?" Welcome to the club, so do I! Turns out there are more of us out there than you know (or they’d like to admit!) But you know what? If “just okay” means your kids are loved, they have food in their bellies and clothes on their back…then I say you’re doing more than okay! You're a good mom. 

Maybe you haven't heard it in a while. I’ve been down that road of wanting to be the “perfect mom.” You know the one that wears the yoga pants better than everyone else, has the cleanest house in her group of friends so she schedules the playdates at her house every week, she has a homemade, perfectly well balanced hot meal for her family with no fat, gluten free, or calories for that matter! Newsflash for the new moms, “that mom” doesn’t exists! And if she did, she’d still have insecurities just like you and me. So whether you give your family a homemade meal or something quick from the drive-thru tonight, whether you spent hours cleaning your house today or spent lots of your hard earned money paying someone to do it for you –you’re a good mom! 

So, put on the bathrobe, grab some tea, and let your hair down. You are a good mother. Keep showing your kids what God’s love looks like in your eyes. Hug them and kiss them and tell them that you love them every day while you can! And for when they’re grown and gone, I don't know about you, but I still like hearing from my mom and grandma how much they love me. I know, this weekend is not the same for everyone. If you know someone who doesn’t have a mom to honor this mother’s day, give them extra love this weekend! 

Sending you my love with a big hug this mother's day! God bless moms everywhere. ~Blanca