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WGTS - and YOU - love moms!

It is really hard to imagine Mother’s Day with nobody to celebrate you as a mom, but it happens to many women in the DC area in homeless and domestic violence shelters. Whether it is because their children are so young, they can’t, or they simply don’t have the means to make cards, these moms face a day without any way to recognize everything they do. So, we asked you to help.  

WGTS 91.9’s Hands and Heart initiative provided you with a way to honor moms and you told them that they are loved. You brought your children and friends together; whether at daycare, church school or homeschool group, and decorated Mother’s Day cards for moms who may not receive them this year.

wgts love moms - collection

They will now be honored because you delivered more than 10,000 cards to WGTS 91.9 Sticker Stops and to our offices. Your heart for moms is showing and we are so grateful for every card. As the Executive Director of one of the shelters said, “The cards are wonderful, but it is the time that was taken and the thought put into this that the women will cherish.”

Once again, we say thank you.