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What a difference one child makes

By: Jerry
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Walking down dirty streets with mud flowing in the ditches, we were heading towards a typical home in a poor, rural town in Colombia. His name was Isael Valera.  At the time I met him, he was five.  When we got to his home, I remember thinking my garden tool shed is nicer than this.

 Then I met Isael's mom and his baby sister and I saw the joy in that home. 

His mom shared with us how Isael had gotten into the Compassion project the year before. She said his grades started to go up and when he got home from school he was better behaved and listened to her more. She continued to watch her son and listen as he shared stories about Jesus and what he was learning at the Compassion partner church. Eventually, Isael gave his life to Jesus. His mom had seen all the changes in her son, so she asked Isael to teach her how to pray. And you know what? Isael's mom gave her heart to Jesus too!  

Somewhere there's a  sponsor that's never met Isael or Isael's familly. And yet that sponsor is an important part of that family. That sponsor hasn't just brought food, medicine and education to Isael's family, that sponsor has helped to bring hope. Today that sponsor could be you. There are thousands of children like Isael that are waiting to hear that someone loves them, that someone cares for them. They need to know that they have a hope and a future, and you can help bring that hope to them.

My wife and I have been sponsors for 11 years now and there hasn't been one day that we've regretted it. On behalf of Isael and the many children like him, thanks for investing in a child today during the WGTS 91.9 Days of Compassion.