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How to stay strong as a parent during crisis

By: Stacey
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Parents all over the country and the world have been learning on the fly how to parent in a crisis. So, how can you get through the pandemic and stay calm, strong, and sane? Start by making sure you are being kind to yourselves and taking care of your own health. If you don’t, you won’t be able to do your jobs as parents, spouses, or employees. Here are some helpful strategies for parenting during a crisis: Draw upon the resilience and experience you already have. Take a few minutes at night to debrief and go over the events of the day. Is there something different you'd like to try tomorrow? Not only has your life been turned upside down, but so have the lives of your children. Your kids can’t be with their friends and teachers and play together at school. Now's the time to practice active listening and validate your children’s feelings. Yes, there are lots of questions that you don’t have answers to. One caveat is to be truthful, but make sure your answers are age-appropriate. Be mindful of over-sharing. Be a positive role model and stay positive. Your children take their cues from mom and dad. Great leaders know that a positive attitude can be contagious. You, as mom or dad, are the leader of your families

Parents who are smiling, upbeat, and regularly express gratitude can influence their children. It will also teach your kids coping skills and resilience. Take a few minutes and ask your children to list a few things they're grateful for in the morning and the evening. You can do it as a family at breakfast and dinner.