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The most amazing batman cosplay in the WORLD- Guinness World Records

By: Stacey
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A man in Maine broke a Guinness World Record when he added 30 working gadgets to his Batman costume.


Keith Dinsmore said he started dressing as Batman for pop culture conventions in 2013, and decided to attempt the Guinness record in 2017 after learning it was held by Julian Checkley, whose cosplay costume included 23 functioning gadgets.


He successfully nabbed the record with 30 distinctive mechanisms, including a bolla, batarangs, a butane torch, a mini grappling hook, binoculars, a compass, a finger print kit, a tracking device, a nylon rope, a road flare, a laser pointer, flashbangs, handcuffs, an acetylene cutting torch, and an extendable baton.