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Stacey Stone's 2018 Christmas Reading List

By: Stacey
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The first book (or books) for the 2018 Christmas Reading List is "A Poppy In Remembrance" by Michelle Ule. I said books because I highly recommend giving this book as a gift with another book of Michelle's titled "Mrs. Oswald Chambers" that I reviewed earlier this year. They come together to tell the full story of how Biddy Oswald changed the world and some of our faith by carrying on her husband's legacy after his early death. Each book is filled with hope for the future during dire times and I can't wait to get your feedback after you read them!

"A Poppy In Remembrance" takes place during the four years of World War I and tells an epic story of a young American woman's struggle to become a journalist in her father's world. As she searches for where she belongs professionally in London, Claire meets Reverend Oswald Chambers and his wife Biddy who change her life through faith. Thank you for listening to this interview and look for more in the days to come. - Stacey


Michelle Ule Poppy In Remembrance