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Be Alright - watch the official video

By: Rob
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You may have never heard of Evan Craft before, but his music has been encouraging people in the Latino community for years. In 2012, is debut album Soy Segundo was the No. 1 Latin Christian album in the world. Interestingly, he never set out to record music in Spanish. He says it came out of a desire to reach a group of people that have been underserved and who needed to hear about the love of God.

Craft has become a welcomed artist in the Latino community, not only for his authentic music, but his actions behind the words. He recently raised $250k for the homeless mission in Los Angeles by putting on events and concerts called Mi Casa LA.

His latest album Desesperado is his first bilingual album that seeks to reach even more. His first release "Be Alright" featuring Danny Gokey and Redimi2 has become an instant hit. Originally released as a Spanish-only version last year, the song has offered incredible comfort to many during the pandemic.