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Maybe you just haven't seen it yet

By: Rob
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A lot has happened in Danny's life since his last album came out. He and his wife had baby #3, he started a web-tv reality show, signed with a new record label, and has recorded a brand new album!

And with this latest song, he really picks up where his last album left off, with inspiring lyrics that can speak to a broad spectrum of circumstances. This song is about those moments when it feels like your prayers are falling on deaf ears and you feel alone. But he offers encouragement with this reminder:

Don’t forget the things that He has done before
And remember He can do it all once more 
It’s like the brightest sunrise 
Waiting on the other side
Of the darkest night
Don’t ever lose hope, hold on and believe
Maybe you just haven’t seen it 
Just haven’t seen it yet  
We are in love with this song, and hope you find encouragement through it.