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You Say...what??

By: Rob
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Christian singer Megan Danielle got the surprise of a lifetime while she was auditioning on this season of American Idol. Megan is from Douglasville, Georgia where she is a waitress with her mom at a local restaurant. In between work, she sings with a band to make a little extra money. Initially, she would sing at bars to get noticed, even though she wasn't completely comfortable with it. Her grandpa asked her once after a show, "What are you doing? How can you sing for both God and for this?" It was at that point she decided to completely switch to singing Christian music.

Sadly, a year ago, her grandpa passed away, leaving a big hole in Megan's heart.

The song she chose to sing was "You Say" by her favorite artist, Lauren Daigle. But while singing a beautiful rendition of the song, she hears another beautiful voice behind her. It was none other than Lauren Daigle herself! Watch the rest to see her (and the judges) reaction to this amazing surprise!