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Britt Nicole with Jerry & Blanca

    On Tuesday morning, Britt Nicole joined Jerry & Blanca on the morning show to update us on what's new in her life. She shared how she loves being a mom of two children, just 18 months apart! Her youngest Aiden was born just this past February. Britt's music has touched fans young and old over the years with hit songs like The Lost Get Found, Walk On the Water, Ready or Not, and Gold, with an over-arching message that God loves you no matter what you've done. And she's been able to expand her platform with some mainstream success as well. She shared how the song Gold came out of a place of doubt and low self-esteem, but wanted to use that experience to encourage young girls. She'll be joining tobyMac and Colton Dixon on the "This Is Not A Test" Tour coming to EagleBank arena November 14th.