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WGTS honors America's veterans

By: Jerry
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WGTS 91.9 spent Veteran’s Day with some of America’s finest at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington D.C.  Johnny Stone and Becky Alignay did the afternoon show live from the AFRH in the “Hall of Honors.” During the broadcast they interviewed veterans from World War II, Korea, and the Vietnam War. 

            The Armed Forces Retirement Home is one of only two residences set up as places where America’s veterans can live together in an environment that honors their service. Currently 330 service members from all five branches live at the facility which is on the same property as President Abraham Lincoln’s vacation home.

            “As an Air Force veteran, it was such an honor to be able to talk to so many of America’s heroes and to hear their stories firsthand. It was like getting a history lesson from the men and women who wrote it,” said afternoon show host Johnny Stone.

            “To hear the stories that I’ve only read about before was incredible. I count it a privilege to be able to help share these veterans’ stories with younger generations,” said midday show host Becky Alignay.