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Hillsong UNITED in studio

Jerry and Blanca had some visitors stop by the morning show, and it was none other than Joel Houston and Ben Hastings of Hillsong UNITED! They were put in the hot seat for a game of "Fact or Fiction" to figure out if Joel or Ben's stories were really true...and in the process we found out the hilarious inspiration behind their brand new song "Know You Will." 

We also discovered the unusual back to school advice Joel gave his son before his first day of school. Watch the whole conversation below, and you'll come away with a deeper appreciation for two of the members behind amazing songs like "Oceans" and "So Will I" and many others!

joel houston - wgts in studio
ben hastings - hillsong united at wgts 91.9
hillsong united at wgts 91.9
joel houston at wgts 91.9 studios