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Look what this teen is doing to help Ukrainian refugees!

By: Jerry
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It is hard to watch the news about Ukraine and not feel helpless. There are some amazing people who are working on the ground there to make a difference.

Elsa Balint is a 16-year-old from Silver Spring who went to Romania over her spring break to help provide relief for Ukrainian refugees. She even held her own fundraiser to provide food and toys for children. She has been working with ADRA, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency.

Humanitarian service runs in her family. Her dad, Alex, is the emergency response coordinator for ADRA and he went to Ukraine immediately when the war broke out to provide help for refugees fleeing out of Ukraine to neighboring countries. 

Jerry and Blanca caught up with Alex and Elsa Balint from Romania recently. Both Alex and Elsa shared their stories and what they are doing to help right now.  

If you are interested in providing an emergency S.O.S. Kit for one person from Ukraine, you can do that with a gift of $15.00 to ADRA. Seventy-five dollars takes care of a family of five. You can give now by click on this link or texting “help” to 800-700-1094. Thank you!