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By: Rob
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The name Dr. Cy Hardy has been synonymous with WGTS since the late 1960s when his voice could be heard on the Saturday morning broadcast "Saturday Seminar" (now Breakaway). That show was eventually handed to long-time friend, and former board chair, Dr. Gerry Fuller, who hosted the program for close to 40 years. In return, Dr. Hardy was given another 30-minute slot, which came to be known as One Man's Opinion.

The purpose was simple. He would choose a topic, and enlarge upon it, bringing in personal insight and experiences and sharing the Biblical principles behind it. And he had a lot of experience to draw from. Dr. Hardy, now a retired psychiatrist here in the Washington, DC area, grew up around the hedgerows and forest in the small villages of southwestern England. He would also spend several seasons in the prairies of northern Alberta, Canada where he remembers enjoying many spectacular aurora borealis.

Eventually, as an adult, he would make this area his permanent home, living along the shores of the Chesapeake.

One Man's Opinion has continued to air, most recently, at 8:00 am on Saturdays. While it would be easy to say, "all good things must come to an end," in this case we are happy to say that these messages will continue to live on and be heard for future generations to find and listen to. You will now be able to listen on-demand to any of Dr. Hardy's messages now in digital form online. A good number of the programs are already available, with more to come.

We have been honored to be a friend of Dr. Hardy's all these years, and look forward to continuing our partnership for many more.

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