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Where to Find Accurate Information and Practical Tips

By: Spencer
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 The CDC and state and local health agencies are the best source for accurate information. For up-to-date  news and guidance, visit: CDC.gov. For checklists to prepare yourself and home, visit Ready.gov.

For general questions and concerns about the coronavirus, the following local government hotlines can provide you with updated information:

  • Montgomery County: Call 3-1-1 from within the County.
  • Prince George’s County: Call 301-883-6627.
  • Washington, D.C.: Call 3-1-1 from within the District.

Other numbers...

Maryland Department of Health  410-767-6500 or 1-877-463-3464     

Virginia Department of Health     877-ASK-VDH3                                     

Centers For Disease Control        800-232-4636                                                      



In addition to the health hygiene recommendations around hand-washing, staying home when sick, cleaning surfaces, and avoiding large crowds – there are steps you can take to stay ahead of any illness or change in routine or schedule.

  • Plan meals in advance and keep your pantry stocked
  • Talk with your employer about telework options, sick leave policies and any other resources that can support you while caring for a family member or yourself
  • Watch for information from your child’s school or daycare
  • Check in with any family members who live alone so they have a support system in place
  • Identify a family member or friend that can help you, if needed

Limiting your media consumption and following these simple tips may help you feel more at-ease, knowing that you’ve done all you can to prepare your family.

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