WGTS Careers

Would you like a unique opportunity to join a winning team that is passionate about making a difference?

WGTS 91.9/Atlantic Gateway Communications, Inc. is a listener-supported media ministry located in Rockville, MD broadcasting to the greater Washington, D.C. region, and on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

We are excited to announce these recent openings:

Director of Video & Creative Marketing (Full-time)
Independently responsible for creative marketing projects in different types of mediums and outlets. Researches the effectiveness of the various marketing projects and refining before executing the next round, thereby making the marketing more effective. Responsible for managing and coordinating a team of people in video and creative marketing. Responsible for writing, creating, editing and producing various video projects, which promote and enhance the mission of the media ministry. Represents the ministry to the community in a variety of different ways – in person and on site. Learn more >

Fundraiser Phone Operator (Temporary - September 26-30, 2022)
Responsible for greeting donors, collecting confidential information, taking donations over the phone through secure donation page, and providing encouragement as needed. Represents the ministry to the community that calls in. Learn more >

Promotions Intern (Part-time)
The promotions intern will assist with community promotional events of varied types throughout the summer. Interacting with listeners, loading vehicles, setting up displays, tracking and managing inventory, organizing volunteers and team members, and assisting the promotions director with many varied duties as requested. The position also participates in planning meetings with the Community Engagement Committee and the promotions director. The position will also participate in a plan to research, report, and gain understanding of other departments at the organization. Learn more >

Director of Major Gifts (Full-time)
The Director of Major Gifts identifies, develops, and maintains relationships through high-level interactions with current and prospective donors stewarding them to make transformational gifts for the ministry. This role supports the overall media ministry with both the Donor Care and Fundraising departments. Learn more >

Evening Show Producer (Full-time)
The Evening Show Producer coordinates the content of the evening show. This position is involved with the entire process from conceptualization to the final product for the evening show and is responsible for researching, gathering, and producing content requiring creative writing, recording, and editing audio material for airing. The Evening Show Senior Producer creates highly engaging content and assists the evening lead host with all aspects of the presentation. This includes arranging guests, screening, and recording calls, briefing callers, and being on-air with the lead host from time to time in the context of caller interaction. Learn more >

Director of Promotions and Community Engagement (Full-time)
The Director of Promotions and Community Engagement oversees WGTS 91.9’s overall community engagement strategy and provides direction to community initiatives, the Hands & Heart Volunteer team and internship program. This role supports the overall media ministry in several different areas including but not limited to promotions, fundraising, programming, spiritual care, and administration. Learn more >

Evening Show Host (Full-time)
Reporting to the Program Director, responsible for creating, producing, and announcing over the radio and online spiritually encouraging content and conversation, interacting with listeners, news, interviews, weather, traffic, devotionals, and other matters of interest. Represents the ministry to the community in multiple ways – in-person and on-site.  Develops creative and compelling content that helps AGC achieve its mission and vision.  Serves as the lead team member for the evening broadcast. Learn more >

Atlantic Gateway Communications, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all applicable federal, state, and local fair employment practices and laws.